Why are Humans the way they are?

It may sound rude to a lot of us. But we humans are fucked up. We are constantly moving ahead but at the same time discovering a lot of problems. We have named ourselves Homo Sapiens ( the wise humans). Our actions speak otherwise. We have high crime rates, and we are constantly in the process of conquering the world by destroying other creatures. If this seems to be something new, we have been doing this since the first sapiens stepped on this planet.

Almost all of the problems that humans face are due to two things- Our mind’s intention to store more and more food and the desire to procreate. It is in the very genes of every creature to eat as much as one can in the first go because food is scarce in nature. Every other creature wants to have as many babies as possible because it wants to ensure the continuity of life on this planet.

Think about the problems that humans as a community are facing nowadays. Obesity? We want more and more food to store in the times when food is plenty. Increasing rates of Adultery and infidelity? We were made to have sex so that we could have as many children as possible. Polygamous relationships were quite common in early times as they wanted due to this simple reason. Thefts? We want to earn more to have more food to store. Think of anything, and we will arrive at the same root- Food and sex.

It is astounding that in these times when we, as a community, have achieved too much, every single problem and every single development comes down to two things- Food and Sex.